Keep Em Spinnin​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
ABOUT KES Industries


KES Industries would like to offer the opportunity to those that desire still to not only drive, but drive and safely maneuver their vehicle at exhilarating speeds around a race track as well as day to day life.  We would like to be able to provide an opportunity for those that have the desire to drive, but haven't been given the proper tools needed to do so. This will not only help them see what they are still capable of, but will also give them the confidence to go out and try new things they might not have thought been possible before. We want to show them what is still possible and would like to be able to assist them in achieving what ever goal they set forth for themselves no matter what their abilities may be.

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Why We Do What We Do.....

After an individual has gone through a catastrophic injury or a life changing event, they have so much thrown on there plate to deal with it is outrageous. On top of having to learn how to relive life all over again, they're stuck with piles and piles of medical bills and new unthought of expenses. We believe having gone through so much already, if the individual is willing to put in the hard work and effort to be able to tackle life again the least we can do is offer them an opportunity to come out and see what all life still has to offer! We want to show them life is far from over after their injury and whatever goal they set forth for them selves is possible if they want it bad enough. Being physically impaired is such a mentally debilitating thing, if we can offer them the simple joy of being able to push realities boundaries again and provide something as a motivator to keep them pushing forward and Keep Em Spinnin then that's all we can ask for.
We would like to be able to present people with the opportunity to come to us and express; this is what I can do, this is what I can't do, and this is what I would like to do, and develop systems around their strengths and weaknesses. What ever their abilities may be and how ever big their ambitions are, we want to be able to work directly with individuals towards finding solutions to achieving what ever goal they aspire to conquer. We want to teach and show people how to think out of the box and look at life from a different perspective. We want to help them to maximize what they're currently capable of so they not only realize that they can still drive a car, but can still do a whole lot more that the world still has to offer.
28 year old Mario Bonfante Jr. got his start racing BMX as a kid. As is the natural progression, Mario began racing motocross and then obtained his professional license in RoadRacing at age 16.

In September of 2006 Mario was involved in an unexpected off the track accident. The result of the accident was a broken neck, leaving Mario a quadriplegic.

After his accident Mario Bonfante Jr. still had the urge to go fast. At the time, it was not possible for him to continue racing motorcycles. Mario then pushed himself in the efforts to find a way back onto the track. His determination and intestinal fortitude landed him behind the wheel of a race car. 

Having very little use of the muscles in his arms and little to no dexterity in his hands and fingers Mario was faced with the challenge of driving and controlling a race car.  As a Quadriplegic he had to figure out the most efficient/effective way for him to go out and not just participate but to be unrestrictedly competitive.  After much Research, Mario designed, built, and patented a HandControl driving system that anyone can use that is universally adaptable into a multitude of vehicles.